Sunix I & D Valores Essenciais

Capacidade de projecto IC

Local de Fabricação e Protecção do AmbienteC

A nova fábrica SUNIX está localizada na cidade chinesa Kun-Shang, na Província de Chiang Su, abrangendo 30 hectares. Vegetação e recursos hídricos estão espalhados por mais de 37% da área do local. A fábrica e a zona de escritórios (19000 metros quadrados) usam o moderno design de divisórias de vidro, facto que permite que seja usada a luz natural ao máximo, não sendo necessário ligar iluminação artificial (ou seja são economizados 4.560 quilowatts diariamente).

SUNIX R & D Histórico


The Latest Energy Saving IC “MATRIX”

The new generation SUNIX UART Controller, “Matrix,” applies the latest green energy saving technology. Made from the advanced 90nm process, IC power consumption is greatly reduced to less than 0.35W, and at the same time, resolves the problem of computer break down due to power consumption overheating.


The new generation SUNIX Matrix comes with AHDC/CS™ (Auto Hardware Direction Control/Carrier Sense) technology, which can change the RS-485 communication mode settings from half duplex to full duplex, thereby effectively reducing the problems caused by data package collisions and enhancing the convenience of software designing for engineers.

Driver & Application Program Support

Completed Driver Support

SUNIX has formed its own software design team, which allows it to design IC products that are able to support the latest mainstream Microsoft Windows and Linux operation systems, in addition, meet the customer’s needs for specific operation systems, such as DOS, SCO Unixware, QNX, Sun Microsystems Soaris and IBM OS2.

WHQL Certification

SUNIX products have passed strict X86/X64 Microsoft WHQL certification, ensuring customers full compatibility with Microsoft Windows.


Humanized Software Packages AND Application Programs

Humanized software packages, or application programs, are effective and easy-to-use tools that assist system engineers from design project to complete inspection. SUNIX COM Lab software includes Speeder, Com2Com, Diagnostic, and API formulas. All can be used for formulas of configuring product development design, testing hardware electrical and product efficiency functions, and debugging equipment problems.

Tailor Made Programs That Meet Customer Demands

The Silent-Install Driver Package program provided by SUNIX can assist EMS manufacturers to greatly reduce production testing steps, thereby assembling and testing in the shortest time frame.

Hardware Design

The SUNIX electronic hardware team not only design SUNIX self brand IC products, but also can meet customer’s OEM/ODM requirements. Our accumulated product development experience range from the standard BUS interface with ISA, PCI, PCI Express, to wireless Bluetooth, 802.11x transmission, and industrial MODBUS interface, which are all mature technology. Moreover, our connectivity interface is the most widely used I/O connection device in the PC industry.

Layout Design

SUNIX Layout uses advanced Cadence Allegro software and complies with EMI requirements for industrial grade products.

Mechanical Engineering And External Design

SUNIX mechanical design focuses on temperature resistance (-40°C ~ +85°C) and IP67 water resistance. We have obtained numerous patents and awards for integrating stringent environment and heat disbursement. On industrial products, we can provide both excellent performance and aesthetic design.

Laboratory Quality Control

SUNIX quality control laboratory ensures product quality during the R&D process by using Logic Analyzer & Oscilloscope for measuring the signal transmission quality on IC and product, testing temperature & humidity on operating and storage environment, testing EMI and EMC Transient Instrument for ESD, Surge and EFT signal. Therefore, we can offer the reliable certifications.